Journal Bites

Journal Bites

Greetings fellow journal writers and Happy New Year! I’m super excited about what God has in store for the National Association of Christian Journal Writers (NACJW) this year. I also know He has great plans for all of us and I’d love to hear the hopes and dreams you have in hearts. Please send us an email and stay in touch as the year progresses!

This year we plan to offer some great courses to help you expand your personal journaling pursuits, as well as grow your counseling and coaching practices.

Take a quick peak at some exciting courses and specials to watch for:

*Christian Journaling Coach Program

*Smart Decisions Facilitator

*Great benefits and special trainings for Professional Members!


For those interested in the Professional Membership, here’s a taste of what to expect:


What are “Journal Bites”?

  • A benefit for Professional Members of NACJW
  • Juicy tips you can use in your work with clients
  • Journaling ideas that bring change and healing
  • Short and sweet journaling activities utilizing the tools of professional journaling therapists


Now, enjoy the Journal Bites example below!!




Journal Bites


Topic: Stress Reduction



Thought to Ponder: Our stresses melt away when we choose to put our trust in God. Keep Him at the forefront of your mind. Run to Him when life seems too much to handle.


Journaling Activity: Choose one word that represents the absence of stress. (Ex. Peace, Calm, Rest). Compose a poem using your word. You can write a Haiku or an Alpha Poem. With an Alpha Poem, each letter of your word represents the next line in your poem.

Alpha Poem Example:

Remember how

Easy it is to

Sit with God and

Trust His plans for you.


Now it’s your turn:



 Reflection: What was it like to write a poem? How can you use your “word” to remind you to trust God for your peace? Other insights?


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