Journaling Your Personal Record

Guest Post by:  Bernard Boulton

Journaling is a personal record of your journey on earth, written, spoken or captured on video. It is the gathering of your personal experiences, the recollection of your emotional expressions and the revealing of your creative life.

When you journal you are recording the past that you have traveled from, the present that you are traveling through and the future you are traveling to.Vintage Desk

Richard Peace says in his book Spiritual Journaling: Recording your journey toward God, “We each have a story. Our stories tells us who we are as they chart the unfolding of our lives and all of the factors that make each of us unique. Journaling is a means of helping us discern our stories, make sense of them, understand their significance, and connect them with God’s story.”

I want to challenge you to make journaling a priority in your life. As you awaken to your creative purpose you have to record this amazing journey. There are three reasons you should journal:

1. You RECORD the past you have traveled from: Your past is the beginning of your journey. The place where you started. The foundational lessons that you learned and the pain that you encountered. The past shaped you. It was the start of your creative forming. It is a summary of the people and places that you are connected with. Recording your past helps you to recall, remember and remind yourself of what has shaped you.

2. You RECORD the present you are traveling through: Today is today. Today is your present. Today is the path that the Lord is leading you on. Today you are making decisions that will create tomorrow. Your focus today is impacting the rest of your life. When you record today you are connecting where you’ve been to where you’re going.

3. RECORD the future you are traveling to: As you journal your past and present something extraordinary will start to take place. You will gain a picture of your future. Even though the future has not yet appeared you are seeing it because you are forming it in your journal. What you journal for tomorrow is taking you somewhere. It’s taking you to your future. You are recording your journey into tomorrow. Tomorrow you will have peace, you have already seen it. You will be complete because you have recorded and dealt with all the issues that were landmines in your life. You will prosper because you are moving toward the best that God has for you.

Get your journal. Start recording your path to the incredible future that awaits you. Your journal is the bridge from your past to your future. It’s time to cross the bridge!

I’m excited for you and for where journaling is going to take you. Your future starts NOW!

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Bernard Boulton is a native of Cleveland Ohio. He has lived and pastored in Beckley West Virginia, Austin Texas and Blairs Va for 13 years. He has been preaching the gospel for thirty one years since he was seventeen years old. His ministry has taken him to twenty states and the nations of Haiti and Nigeria.
Bernard is the author of Do You Wanna Be Made Whole, a novel; Divine Favor: God acts for You When Your Enemies Act Against You, an inspiratonal nonfiction story; The Prophetic Purpose of Preaching: Releasing the Sound of Heaven in the Earth; The Seven Benefits of Journaling and 21 Days of Journaling: You Have Three Days to Live.

Bernard is the founder of Watchman On Walls International Fellowship, a mentoring and discipling ministry to creative artists.

Bernard lives in South Central Virginia with his wife Vantoria and son Bernard Quincy. BernardBoulton-226x300


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