Make Journaling a Habit


We’re told that developing a habit can take anywhere from 21 days to 30 days, especially if we are determined to make the necessary changes and maybe even feel a little uncomfortable in the process. Can this be true of developing our journaling habit? I think we have a good chance if we practice a few consistent behaviors. View More:

  • Time: I like to journal in the evening before I hit the pillow. This has always worked well for me, but it took me a while to discover it was my best writing time. Some people like to write first thing in the morning or on their lunch break. Building a consistent journaling habit helps if you can decide on a time that works best for you and then stick to it!

  • Place: Where is your preferred place to journal? I keep my journal on my bedside table, having easy access to it each night. Journaling before bed just happened to stick with me and it has worked to keep my writing habit fairly consistent. I don’t always write at night, but it’s definitely where I find my mind ready and willing to spill onto the paper. Others may find that journaling at the kitchen table or on a park bench over a lunch hour makes for good writing time. Whatever you decide, try to stick with one place until you notice the habit to write regularly is growing.

  • Tools: You don’t have to get fancy when it comes to a journal or pen, but having an inspiring book or a pen that seems to glide on the paper certainly doesn’t hurt. I love my Sheic Journal! I can’t wait to write in it and fill up the pages. Also, my friend gave me a beautiful pen that matches the aqua-colored leather of my journal and now it feels as though they fit perfectly together. I can’t wait to reach for my pen and journal at night and get something on the paper.


Most of us have busy lives and setting aside some time for ourselves often seems like the last thing on our list of “to do” items. If you want to benefit from the practice of journaling, promise yourself that you will keep at it for at least 30 days, and then be consistent with your time, place, and tools. The more you practice, the more you will find the desire to keep going, growing, and expanding your creative writing muscles. Like most behaviors we practice regularly, you will get better and better at writing and expressing yourself. So, get excited about giving yourself the time and attention necessary to discover the hidden gems inside your head and hand!

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Keep Writing!

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