Get Started With Journaling4Faith

Journaling is simply writing down your thoughts.

And for Christ-followers, journaling can be even more. Journaling can give you clarity to grow in your faith and grow closer to God. It’s powerful tool — one that is simple to learn to use.

It takes just 5 minutes a day. Get started now with this special resource: Get Started in Journaling4Faith.

Journaling4Faith E-Book: $9.95

The 3-Step Journaling Blueprint Workbook

This course has two goals:

  • to help you learn the basics of journaling
  • to help you learn how to use journaling techniques to build a deeper relationship with God

3-Step Journaling Blueprint Workbook: $9.95



Journaling for the Soul is a valuable resource for anyone in need of soul care. The easy-to-navigate handbook contains a wide variety of both traditional and nontraditional journaling methods.  There is absolutely something for everyone. Peruse its pages and discover a method that speaks to you. Then grab your journal, quiet yourself, and create some space to meet with God.


The Friendship Guidebook is a fun and thoughtful roadmap to making friends, keeping friends, and building healthy relationships. This book will show you practical ways to find friends. You’ll also learn more about yourself and how you can be a good friend. You’ll identify your friendship fears and ways to overcome them. And finally, you’ll learn to use tools to help you maintain friendships and even grow them deeper.


Write Changes: Stories of Transformation Through Journal Writing is a compilation of the writings of women who experienced a life change as a result of journaling. Our hope is that you will be amazed at the transformations and your curiosity piqued enough that you give journaling a try in your own life.