Do You Love to Journal?

Have you been journaling for years?

Have you experienced extraordinary changes in your life as a result of keeping a journal?

Are you willing and ready to share those changes with others?


If So…

Here’s your opportunity to tell your story of change and transformation!


Join Kathy Bornarth, president and founder of the National Association of Christian Journal Writers and several Christian journal keepers in our upcoming book:

Write Changes: Stories of Transformation Through Journal Writing


You are invited to become a co-author as we build a bestselling Book Series together.

  • Get published alongside spiritual thought-leaders
  • Learn how to turn your book into a little marketing angel for your business and life purpose
  • Resale your book at retail and more than double the return on your investment
  • And most importantly, share your message and story with the world!


Our Publishing Schedule

We are currently accepting sign-ups for our first book in the Write Changes Book Series.  Space is Limited.

We work with some of the best Christian thought leaders and journaling experts in the world.

Here are just a few of those leaders who will be featured in the next book,

Write Changes: Stories of Transformation Through Journal Writing

kathy wKathy Widenhouse

Kathy has written about faith, family, education, children, gardening, telecommunications, fundraising, sports, spirituality, holidays, children, music, relationships, health, and events planning. In addition, Kathy’s 100+ articles have appeared in more than 40 periodicals and she has written 5 books.  You can find Kathy at

Deborah Haddix:


Deborah Haddix is a board certified advanced Christian life coach, speaker, and writer whose passion is to empower women to embrace God’s design for their life and their relationships. She has been journaling for her own Spiritual growth for many years. Upon becoming a grandmother, Deborah discovered several ways to incorporate this valuable discipline into that very special role. And in recent years, she has learned the joys of putting a creative spin on journaling as a personal spiritual practice. Deborah is the author of Praying with Purpose: Helping Equip Your Grandchildren to Stand Fast in the Faith and Soul Nourishment: Satisfying Our Deep Longing for God. Both books share several creative journaling techniques. You can follow Deborah at

We Are Accepting Sign Ups for our First Volume Now!


Scheduled Publishing Date is December, 2016


What Should You Write?

We are looking for any of the following for Write Changes: Stories of Transformation Through Journal Writing

  • Personal stories of transformation that you believe will help others
  • And/or advice and wisdom from your professional experience to showcase your expertise while helping guide others who may be traveling along a similar path in life

The highest level of spiritual and emotional currency is authentic sharing. Aim for story telling that doesn’t stop at reporting, but captures the imagination of our readers and helps to communicate the lessons you have learned.

Some Ideas For Your Chapter

ideaWe are looking for all transformational stories (yours or your clients) and advice that can help us reach people through journaling who have not yet found their path to healthy inner balance and spiritual wellness.

  • You can help lead others to use journaling as a tool to discover an inner strength they did not know they had or the courage to face the issues that stand between themselves and inner peace.
  • Tell us what you have gone through and how journaling reinforced your response and personal approach to moving beyond these challenges.
  • Has journaling helped you heal from a personal wound?
  • Have you brought the healing powers of journaling to others?
  • Share with us how journaling has helped you to shift unwelcome patterns and how this has changed your life.
  • What is it like on the other side?
  • Tell us the story about how your life was affected, what you went through, and how you got yourself out of any mental, physical, or emotional “hole” these circumstances may have created in you. The power is in sharing stories about what you have gone through to become the person you are now.
  • Share with us your humanity and spirit, even through your broken hearts and your pain. Capture in writing your courage in helping others realize they too can grant themselves permission to be as human as you are.

Why Become A Co-Author In Our Series?

  • Share your message and increase your ability to influence and help others
  • Each of us has a life filled with value and meaning. There’s no reason to hold back any longer. Your story CAN make a difference in transforming another’s life.  
  • This is a truly an amazing opportunity for women and men like yourself to partner with us and share your brilliance while at the same time growing your own business through partnering.  
  • Instant credibility and possible bestselling author status
  • Being a contributing author in a possible #1 bestselling book is like permanently owning prime real estate. No one can take it away from you and everyone understands its value! The positioning alone is worth the fee.
  • International impact and positioning
  • How many books over your lifetime have you fallen in love with? How many books have come along at the right time to help you learn your lessons or reach another plateau of self-discovery? Making a positive impact upon others brings with it not only personal fulfillment, but a return on your investment that makes a difference in your life.  
  • High return on your investment
  • Leverage: Leverage the influence of co-authoring in a #1 bestselling series with other thought leaders. Becoming a co-author is the next best thing to authoring your own book and a lot cheaper. And when it comes to the promotion side of book publishing, being a co-author can be a lot better, because you have other co-authors in the trenches promoting with you.
  • Co-authors can leverage this book as a marketing tool for years by:
  • Sitting on physical and virtual panels together
  • Booking media interviews such as TV, radio, and print
  • Creating virtual events together
  • Taking advantage of the positioning alongside some very successful colleagues
  • Sending to potential clients/friends as a gift
  • Using it as a bonus, benefit, or list builder in your current business
  • Using it to build your contacts
  • And so much more!

Financial Return

Your return on book sales alone (not to mention the opportunities that will come via exposure to you and your business) is exciting! You will also be able to sell more books at a $10 profit margin per book as long as you like. There is no limit on additional books you can purchase at the wholesale discount of $10 once you are one of our co-authors.

Other Co-Author Publishing Options

We’ve researched your choices on the web when it comes to being a co-author. Two other co-author programs offer packages that range from $2,997 to $6,997.  

What we decided, however is that we’d rather be a long-term co-author partner with you and keep the pricing lower and publish many books with you and help you start your own book selling business if you desire!

Imagine YOUR story or advice circling the world in one of our upcoming books. It’s time to inspire…

As an author you will submit

  • One chapter that is 1,500-2,000 words and is inspiring, uplifting, and content driven. (OR, for an additional fee, our ghostwriter will interview you and write it for you!)
  • A brief 50-100 word bio that concludes with a website link.
  • One headshot for promotional purposes

AND REMEMBER, if you are too busy to write your chapter, but have plenty of advice to share… just choose the ghostwriting option.

Energetic Matching

If you found yourself here, it’s because you have a story that needs to be told and you know you have something to say. It really is that simple.  

The Truth About Traditional Publishing Profits

profits400Traditional publishers are considered generous when printing 3,000 books and giving the author $2 per unit sold. Plus, you do all the writing and promotion. Most authors published traditionally also only have a few months to build momentum before the bookstores and the publishers consider it a wash and move on. They know that 90% of their authors won’t be profitable. The entire traditional model is built on the 10% that will make profits. So they have to move quickly.  

But here’s the thing, you don’t need them. What you do need is to be able to control your own destiny and to be able to keep selling and marketing your book forever if you choose.

Being a co-author in our series allows you to invest in books upfront and partner with someone who can teach you how to earn money both with your book and from the exposure your book will provide.

For instance, investing in our “Co-Author Only” package at the cost of $297.00 provides 1 book that you could sell for $20 – earning you $10. PLUS, you became an author (hopefully a #1 International Best Selling Author!)

Afterwards, you can order even more copies through our volume discount program for as low as $10 per book and continue to profit.  

Becoming a co-author is smart, empowering, and much better than the traditional publishing for most people. You have the power to give yourself this opportunity and open new doors, as well as earn money while you’re at it.

Summary of Benefits of Being a Co-Author With Us

  • Fast, easy, and cost-effective way for you to become a published author. You only have to create a 3 to 4 page article/story. (Don’t like to write? You can choose an optional ghostwriting package instead and we will write it for you!)
  • You may potentially become a #1 Amazon Best-selling Author.
  • Gain immediate industry credibility by becoming a Co-Author with Kathy Bornarth and other fellow industry leaders.
  • You will receive 1 copy of the book to resale upfront for $20.
  • You have a marketing team! The book will be jointly marketed among all Authors (Over 10 up to 30 per book!) and through other online strategies. Plus, many past authors usually market the current book also.
  • Elevate your status as an “Expert Authority & Leader” in your own field.
  • Gain a new product(s) to sell on your own website and/or live events.
  • This program will help to expand your own individual email lists & social media network.
  • You have the right to purchase all future copies of your book “at cost” from us for $10 and resale online/offline for as much as $20.
  • You have the right to co-promote and participate in future book signings and/or leverage our brand for PR opportunities.
  • You benefit from our online & social media exposure to the entire database as well as all social networks.
  • Although you grant us the rights to market your chapter for perpetuity for this project, you keep the rights to re-publish your chapter anywhere else after the book’s publication.
  • Biography (up to 2 paragraphs) in the book with up to 2 links to your website and/or social networks.

Additional Details

  • For an extra fee, you can also choose additional services such as editing or ghostwriting services.
  • We reserve the right to not publish your chapter at our sole discretion. Should we choose not to publish it after we have reviewed it, you understand you will receive a full refund of your payment. However, if you do not meet the final submission deadline (30 to 60 days after your payment), you do not receive a refund. We will apply the fee to a future book though.  If we decide that your article needs substantial work to be considered for publication and you have not purchased the editing service, we will either reject your article or ask that you purchase the editing service.

Take action now and begin your journey to share your story with the world and catapult your success in 2016!

You are invited to become a co-author in a potentially #1 bestselling Compilation Book Series

  • Get published alongside spiritual thought-leaders
  • Learn how to turn your book into a little marketing angel for your business and life purpose
  • Resell your book at retail and more than double the return on your investment
  • And most importantly, share your message and story with the world!



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Write Changes: Stories of Transformation Through Journal Writing”


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