Prompts for Your Spiritual Journaling Journey

journal If you’re new to journaling or you just need some fresh ideas about what to write, this list will help you move forward on your journaling journey. Journaling prompts are simply ideas to help you start the writing process. You can write about each topic or choose the topics that speak to where you are in your life right now. Enjoy!  

  1. When do you feel closest to God?
  2. How has living as a Christian changed your life?
  3. Talk about the gifts God has given you and how you use them to serve others.
  4. My favorite scripture is_____ because_______.
  5. What would I like God to help me change about myself?
  6. The biggest fears or worries I have that I haven’t turned over to God.
  7. The one person in my life I have yet to forgive.
  8. Am I satisfied and content with my life?
  9. What I need to do to get closer to God?
  10. 10 things I’m grateful for.
  11. The people in my life who really need prayer today.
  12. How God has given me grace?
  13. How I give grace to others.
  14. What unhealthy or sinful habits I need to turn over to God.
  15. Describe a time or situation where God showed up unexpectedly in your life.

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